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  • How to love yourself no matter what shape or size

    How to love yourself no matter what shape or size Welcome to Bloom.  It stands for Biblically Living Out Our Mission.  What does that look like?  I...
  • In the Weeds

    When I was a waitress at Cracker Barrell for a year, I remember a term we used when we were overwhelmed with too many tables at one time, we would say, "I'm in the weeds."  It was a cry for help. The best part about working for CB was the teamwork that helped everyone stay on top of their game so that customers would never be neglected.  We would deliver food for other waitresses as soon as the food was up, we would refill drinks for any tables on our way to and from the kitchen, and clear plates as we noticed them so that we were always carrying something into the kitchen. There was no reason to be empty handed.  Our CB team worked smart and hard and we had fun doing it! Customers were happy and tips were equally great for everyone.
  • How to Activate Your Miracle

    We get to step into the storms with our church family and minister to people who are facing devastating news. Don’t hold back from empathizing with them and intercede on their behalf whenever the Lord brings them to mind.  They can feel our prayers and know God is with them and won’t leave them or forsake them in their darkest hour. 
  • How You Can Find Contentment in Life

    It seems in life we are always in a hurry for the next season. We are always wishing for something else that’s different than what we already have...
  • Healing from Past Scars

    I was reading in John 20:19-31 this morning, the story of when Christ appeared to the disciples after his Resurrection. He spoke peace to their hea...
  • "Can I Tell You Something?"

    What hurtful words have been holding you back from fulfilling your destiny?  What lies from the enemy have hindered your growth as a person?  Have you let your hurt turn you into someone who hurts others?  Are you aware of your hurt or have you been running and hiding from it all these years?
  • Battle for Your Faith

    There’s a battle for your faith going on right now. Without a belief in your mission, you’ll give up and be defeated. Too much doubt, disillusionme...
  • Forgiveness - How to do it

    Sometimes we need to forgive others, sometimes ourselves, and sometimes even God because we blame Him for our circumstances.
  • God is Mindful of YOU!

    Do you truly believe that God cares for you and watches over you with care?  People flippantly say, “oh yea, God loves everybody.”  It’s so impersonal and misleading. I need to remind you today that He loves you. YOU!  You matter to Him!
  • Enough is Enough

    “There is a modern minimalist movement today that is all about simplifying and decluttering your surroundings. The movement is all about tidying up...
  • Freedom from FEAR

    He may make the storm die down or He may give you peace and strength in the midst of your circumstances.  Either way, He is with you and You can get through this with God's Help!  Read the above verses every day like medicine for your soul. I promise there are no side affects for His medicine. Praying for you to walk in freedom from all FEAR.
  • Perfectionism

    What has been your experience with “girlfriends” back from elementary, middle, or high school days?  Was it always sunshine and unicorns? Did you ever have a mean girl treat you unfairly or make fun of you?  Did anyone intentionally try to destroy you?

    What would Bloom look life if all of us got along the way God intended us to get along? What would that look like?