How Bloom Got Started in Jax

Bloom is a young adult women's group that originated in Kissimmee Florida near Disney World through Cassie Tyre Pack and Kelly Spencer. After Cassie passed away in a tragic car accident in March of 2018, I wanted to carry on her vision and partner with her friends in Central Florida and asked if I could start a Bloom in Jacksonville. They said, "YES!"

On May 13, 2018 Bloom in Jax started meeting in my home on Sunday nights with a handful of young ladies in their 20's who wanted to connect to others to grow in friendship with each other and grow in relationship with God.  Some were new to Jacksonville, FL, some girls were back in town after graduating from college, and some were just in town for the summer for an internship. But they all had one thing in common, they wanted to meet others their age and find community.

Since we started meeting I have been writing curriculum for our time together that I plan to make available in a book one day. I am creating this book to speak to a woman’s heart by revealing Scripture-based insights about a young maiden’s journey to become a mature Bride of Christ. We have been discussing the book in the Bible called Song of Songs written by King Solomon. 

I have also been gathering stories from my friends all over the country, who are on the front lines of ministry fulfilling their purpose in life in a variety of creative ways.  For instance, Mariah is using her gift of dance and touring with Christian music artists. Ellyn is married and has a baby while serving with CRU at Purdue University as she mentors college girls in Indiana.  Melodie is an author, singer, and producer who is not single and waiting but single and working! So many young women are using their talents to invest in others and to spread the message of love and faith to the next generation. 

Over the years I have met so many amazing young women who have a heart for God and want to serve Him in some way, but the options seem limited to women. Not everyone wants to marry a pastor or become a missionary in Timbuktu. What else is there for a girl to do?  That is why we have created Bloom! We want to provide a place to share your testimony of how you overcame challenges in your life so that you can inspire others who are seeking answers.

I hope to use this blog to inspire you on your quest to find satisfaction, purpose, vision, and identity through scripture, storytelling, and real-life examples.