How to Activate Your Miracle


I read today from Max Lucado these words, “but with God the smallest step of faith can activate the mightiest of miracles.” Ponder that for a moment.

From where does your hope come from? 

What measure of faith does it take to get a miracle? Is it up to us?

What if I told you that your faith can activate your miracle? Even if it seems small, like a mustard seed. What if God’s miracle working power is not dependent on your measure of faith but on Who you place your faith?

Max wrote, “For us, assurance comes as we stand on the finished work of Christ and look back at the cross.”

That’s the hope we have in Christ alone! He is worthy of our praise and our complete surrender. Amen!?

Sure, my friends are still battling with cancer and waiting on their healing. But our miracle working God is going to remove the cancer and grant them eternal life one way or another.  A dear friend and long-time member of our church died of a massive heart attack last Thursday night while serving in the church café.  Stacey Gambrell (54), wife and mother of 3, served God and loved Him with all her heart. I’m still in shock that she is no longer with us.  God is supporting their family and giving them strength for each day as only He can.

We get to step into the storms with our church family and minister to people who are facing devastating news. Don’t hold back from empathizing with them and intercede on their behalf whenever the Lord brings them to mind.  They can feel our prayers and know God is with them and won’t leave them or forsake them in their darkest hour. 

Thank you for standing in the gap with me.  “For us, assurance (and our hope) comes as we stand on the finished work of Christ and look back at the cross.”